And popcorn spits out the exhaust…

By Deane Barker on April 18, 2007

Koenigsegg CCX: Found this interesting note on the wikipedia page for the Koenigsegg CCX — one of the fastest cars in the world. Who said being more environmentally responsible was less fun?

The Koenigsegg CCXR is an environmentally-friendly version CCX powered by essentially the same twin-supercharged V8 engine but converted to use E85 ethanol fuel.

Surprsingly the engine in the CCXR is more powerful than that of the CCX, putting out 1018 hp @ 7200 rpm and 1060 N m of torque @ 6100 rpm. This power increase is a result of the natural cooling properties of ethanol in the engine’s combustion chambers and the biofuel having a higher octane rating of 113 RON compared to 95 RON for petrol in North America and 110 RON for petrol in Europe.

Despite the power increase, the CCXR’s carbon dioxide emissions are lower than those of the CCX. Koenigsegg promise that existing CCX customers will be able to have their CCXs converted to the same engine specification as the CCXR. To date, no official performance figures have been given for the CCXR though it is anticipated that its performance will exceed that of the CCX and rival (if not possibly exceed) the Bugatti Veyron.



  1. It’s interesting how important the octane rating of any partcular fuel is for automotive applications and performance. Until the emissions era, lead was used for the same purpose – to boost octane. Anyway… can’t wait to burn E85.

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