The Mystery

By Deane Barker on April 11, 2007

Why is CNET’s property at “” URL/domain?: The first decent answer I’ve heard to the “” curiosity that is CNET.

Cookies are by design limited to a domain or a subdomain, at the choice of the cookie’s creator (the original web site on which it’s created for you). Therefore, if you visit different C|Net properties and they’re hosted on different domains, they can’t identify you when you move from one to the next with that cookie.



  1. That makes sense but I’ve always been interested in how much they had to pay to get that domain. I don’t think they had it originally but they have had it now for a really long time.

  2. I always wondered about the thing too. Brian…I’ve also always wondered where CNET got their money period. Were they just lucky to get first? The inner geek in me has always been glad to see that when people type in…it’s Tech news.

    I know they spent a pretty buying up I’ve always been disappointed they didn’t do more with that domain…although lately the site seems to be making a comeback.

  3. Well to take this topic a little further how does C|net and ZDNet have so much money. Do their websites like the new or extreme tech or cnets podcasts (the best I think for tech news) really self sufficient. as much as I love to code and think I’m reasonable smart. Economics boggles my mind. Especially media and advertising economics.

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