Salesforce Does Content Management

By Deane Barker on April 10, 2007 buys Web content management firm: I don’t get the integration angle here. What’s the benefit of integrating CRM with Web content management?, best known for its hosted sales applications, is pushing into Web content management.

The company on Tuesday expects to detail new products and the acquisition of start-up Koral, which created a Web content management service tied to Terms of the purchase of Koral, a small company based in San Mateo, Calif., which first launched its product last fall, were not disclosed.

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  1. Koral is more in the ECM space — managing documents that are used in your business. A place where various contracts, presentations, training materials, forecast charts, etc can be stored. Koral is more like Documentum than Vignette.

    When looked at this way, Koral is a perfect fit for a CRM company. Next I’d expect to see SalesForce pick up or partner with one of the web-based office suites. Grab the latest version of the contract, make necessary changes, and send it to your client, all from one place.

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