By Deane Barker on April 6, 2007

KillaCycle – World’s Quickest Electric Motorcycle: The video of this thing has to be seen to be believed. Scroll.

We put in another 110 of the most powerful Li-Ion cells in the world to make a total of 990 A123 Systems M1 cells in the bike. This pushed the power output to over 350 HP. We are now able to draw 1575 amps from the 375 volt, 7.5 kW-hr battery pack. There are just 161 lbs of cells in this pack.



  1. What’s a day at the races without earplugs? ;o)

    That thing is pretty amazing; 8:21 quarter mile at 155mph. And each run uses about ten cents’ worth of electricity. But if you follow the links, that pack of 990 batteries alone is worth about $18,000 (developer pack of 6 cells costs $110). They’re probably getting some advertising love from A123 Systems, but… yowch.

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