Gartner on Linux and SCO

By Deane Barker on July 24, 2003

SCO License Fees Would Hurt Linux Market: Gartner has issued a stronger warning on using Linux in the enterprise. They’ve warned about this before, but this time they even advised a certain segment to pay off SCO:

“Don’t ignore the problem by hoping IBM will win or settle its lawsuit (that could take a year or more). An IBM win would not prevent SCO from pursuing individual claims, which, if successful, could cost far more in penalties than buying a SCO license would. If you find SCO’s case compelling and you use few instances of v.2.4, pay the license fees. … While the actions by SCO are pending, take a go-slow approach to Linux in high-value or mission-critical production systems. Instead, keep pursuing your Unix and Windows strategies.”

Cory Doctorow over at may cough up a hairball if he reads this. Just yesterday he wrote:

“So, if you work for a company that’s thinking of buying off the racketeering crooks at SCO, think again. We can all hang together on this one, or we’ll all hang separately.”