MSN 9.0 / Outlook Sync

By Deane Barker on July 24, 2003

MSN 9.0 to Include Built-In Outlook Synchronization: Premium subscribers to the next version of MSN will be able to sync their Web mail, contacts, and calendar with their client version of Outlook.

“The Connector will allow for ‘rich integration scenarios,’ Pai said, such as the ability to drag contacts from a personal account to a work account. Users will be able to share calendars with pre-designated friends and colleagues. And all changes made to personal and business schedules and contacts that are made offline will be synchronized automatically when users go online later.”

Look for this to be huge. This has always been one of the big drawbacks to Web mail, and one of the reasons no one here in the office wants to use it.



  1. I agree with Arshad. Why is this next MSN Calendar & Contacts sync limited to premium subscribers only?? i can quote quite a many web services e.g ZYB that offer free synchronization for your mobile contacts & calendar wirelessly with out a penny being charged to you but instead they sent you settings via SMS to mobile. Also these guys offer outlook synchronizatio

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