John McCain’s People Leech, Get Caught

By Deane Barker on March 27, 2007

Hacking John McCain: This is pretty funny.

If you visit John McCain’s MySpace page (as of 9am PST Tuesday morning), you will notice an interesting announcement from him. He’s apparently reversed his position on gay marriage as well as revealed a bias towards attractive lesbians.

Why would a presidential candidate make such an important announcement on his MySpace page?

The answer? He wouldn’t.

But I would.

The image has been taken down.



  1. This probably should go down as one of the greatest hacks that wasn’t a hack. To deface one of your own images on your own site…and have it appear on another site that linked to you without permission…pure genius.

  2. Well, let’s admit the obvious: McCain nor anyone close to him had anything to do with leeching this guy’s images. Additionally, the people that were responsible for it — the Web developers or PR people — were not doing it on purpose. This situation was out of ignorance, not malice.

    What this guy did was more than a little opportunistic. Still funny, though.

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