Misaddressed Email as Murder Evidence

By Deane Barker on March 26, 2007

Prosecutors: Nurse sent ‘sick day’ e-mail from husband’s account after she killed him: Be careful that you address those emails correctly, especially after you’ve killed someone.

The e-mail at issue, described to jurors by a state investigator, was sent from a Blackberry belonging to McGuire’s husband, William, the morning after authorities allege she shot him to death.

“I will be out sick today,” the April 29, 2004 message read.

He said the sender typed the only the first name of the supervisor, Thomas Terry, into the address when, in fact, Terry used his last name.

Prosecutors have portrayed the wrong address as strong proof that it was Melanie McGuire, not her husband, who wrote the e-mail. According to his co-workers, William McGuire was very familiar with the e-mail accounts because he oversaw the e-mail server and determined his colleagues’ addresses.