World’s Biggest Bus

By Deane Barker on March 19, 2007

Shanghaiist: Bus envy soon to hit Shanghai?: That is a big ‘ol bus.

[…] the 25-meter-long “Superliner” at Shanghai’s Busworld Asia 2007 convention (how did we miss that one?). The bus has five doors, 40 seats, carries up to 300 passengers and, according to a driver, “is flexible when cornering.”



  1. Definately big. Michael, that one isn’t bigger, its the same 25m long and carries 184 people compared to 300.

  2. Hmm.. you’re right. But it’s not logical. Maybe it’s because in Germany the personal space is larger than in Asia? Ours holds quite a lot of seats too. It’s stunning to see them driving around. We had a testrun a while ago, and now there’s more and more of them on the road.

  3. “300 passengers? Only in China, packed like sardines.”

    300 passengers, or 42 americans.

  4. sigh Well at least we had it prior to the Chinese. Ours are on the road since August 2005, and we were not even the first twon in Germany to have them.

    Yeah, 300 Chinese, 184 Germans or 42 Americans ;-)

  5. not the largest bus,it is the winebaggo motor house is not only largest but also most luxurious bus in the world

  6. very big in size awsome. this is hte biggest bus i have ever seen

  7. Heard the chinese engineers are into something even bigger. Initial reports says its a bi-articulated double decker carrying 460 passengers! Now thats a huge monster!

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