Developer Wanted

By Deane Barker on March 16, 2007

Blend Interactive – Jobs: My company, Blend Interactive, is looking for a developer. To this end, we’ve posted an lengthy diatribe of what we need:

[…] most of all, we’re looking for someone who loves to develop. We’re looking for someone who writes code all day, and works on hobby projects at night. We’re looking for someone who gets fits of inspiration during off hours and can’t wait to try them out. We’re looking for someone for whom well-written code and well-realized projects are things to be proud of.

Go take a read. Pass it on.

Bonus: if we can get some good help so my workload returns to even moderate sanity, posting volume on this site will go up. Now, isn’t that worth it?



  1. Is this why we cannot even get out for enchiladas anymore? It is too bad my Frontpage skills are not enough for I like this team. So, when you get a minute, drop me an email and we can do lunch while sorting through resumes.

    Oh yeah, great ad/job posting…my only comment is “good luck.” :)

  2. If only it didn’t involve moving to SD. Not that there is anything wrong with SD but I like it where I am. Got any part-time, remote options?

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