The Drupal Association

By Deane Barker on February 28, 2007

The Drupal Association – The Drupal Project’s New Non-Profit: Finally, Drupal gets a formal organization behind it.

The Drupal Association exists to provide the logistical and financial foundation necessary to support the Drupal project’s exponential growth and to provide the Drupal project with new possibilities regarding infrastructure, marketing and funding.

This has worked really well for eZ systems, though they’re for-profit. Here’s the site for The Drupal Association. Shocked that it runs on Joomla!.



  1. Deane, perhaps sarcasm doesn’t suit you? This miscommunication surely can’t be my fault…I’m too funny of a guy to not notice real humor when I see it!

  2. just to keep the ball rolling, here…

    How could it come as a surprise to ANYONE that the Drupal Association, a fine, fine institution, would insist upon only the very best Open Source CMS to power its foundation?

    < ... and the Joomla! fan ducks ... >

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