She Wants It That Way

By Deane Barker on February 25, 2007

From the really odd department —

I’ve seen some posts around the blogosphere about people using blog comment threads as chat rooms. It happened to me once as well — some kids in a high school somewhere were using the comments of the Line Rider post as a discussion board.

Well, today I have something that I think tops them all. Someone named “Monica Christina Littrell” posted a complete set of wedding vows, apparently for her own wedding…

Brian & Monica’s Vows

Brian’s vows: Monica, I started to love you the very first moment I kissed you. Today I marry you as my best friend, my lover, my partner in life and my one true love. When you smile at me I feel beautiful, you make me laugh like no one else can. […]

First of all, congratulations Brian and Monica — you seem very much in love. Or are you? A little Googling makes me think that Monica may be more than a little…obsessed with Brian Littrell, formerly of the Backstreet Boys, and now a successful contemporary Christian artist.

Reviewing the prior comments on that entry reveals some serious oddness. For the record, I looked Littrell up in Wikipedia (link above), and it turns out he’s married to Leighanne Wallace. Someone should tell Monica before she picks out a dress.

Ah, soap operas. If anyone wants to put some more time into figuring this one out, I’d be fascinated to know the true story of Monica and Brian.

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  1. Looking at that wedding post I notice that all of your Google ads have to do with weddings now. Reading the wedding-related comments doesn’t convince me that an actual human wrote those. It looks like scraped together spam designed to skew google ads.

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