Getting An Early Start

By on February 18, 2007

What were you into when you were eight years old? Here’s a story that’ll humble you; 8 year old Sreelakshmi Suresh is the webmaster for her school’s website. She is very into designing websites, and is winning awards for her work. While the school’s site has room for improvement, it’s danged impressive considering her age.

I’m amazed; my 8 year old son is more into playing online arcade games and making battle noises while playing with his Bionicle toys. I don’t know that he’s ever expressed any interest in understanding how a website works, much less in building one.



  1. Although this may not be the case here, I have seen many schools in India where an unnecessary hype is placed on this all. Very Possibly, the girls parents or someone might have designed the site (under pressure from school administration). And whats more, I would never want an 8 yr old to do something like this … why oh why become nerd at such a small age?? By 10 she will start reading Slashdot and then its all over :D

    Again, this might not be the case here.. but I just have a gut feeling that it is.

  2. i am one of the ward of her school. even though mr.Duryodhan says the above commant . the truth is that she has presented it before the general department,and has won these many awards…

  3. I know Sreelakshmi very well as she is my schoolmate. The comment of Duryodan reflects the mind of an indian. we never encourage or appreciate our people. I know Sreelakshmi is a real genious and if she is in any other country, i am sure, she will be flooded with blessings and encouragements…..

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