By Deane Barker on February 16, 2007

IMified: Familiar Productivity with Instant Messaging: This is pretty cool, and it’s related to a post I have in my head about how a return to the green screen command line interface may help some Web apps. There’s a lot to be said for proficient use of the command line.

[…] IMified, a new service that enables users to access services like Basecamp, Google Calendar, and Remember the Milk from an instant messaging client. Now, I know that instant messaging can be a huge productivity killer, but you’re going to want to turn that client back on for this. With IMified, users can manage todo lists, save notes, create reminders, and even add milestones to a Basecamp project. Just send an instant message to IMified and you’re good to go.



  1. Aaron, can you please let me know what did not work for you? What network were you accessing IMified through? AOL, Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN? We’d like to fix any problems we’re not seeing out there. Thanks.

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