Yahoo Pipe Examples

By Deane Barker on February 13, 2007

5 cool ways to use Yahoo! Pipes: If you still haven’t figured out what you’ll use Yahoo Pipes for, here are some great examples:

This pipe takes a user input – a Last.FM username – then grabs the last 10 played tracks for that user, and replaces this input with 5 Flickr images for each feed item, hopefully related to the musician in the playlist.

[…] Planning a trip? […] the travel fanatic. Seemingly most complex of all the pipes here, it’s actually quite simple to make. It combines Flickr images, Yahoo Answers, and Yahoo News related to the location. (Various other feeds could be added, but I chose only these three for simplicity’s sake.) This results in a very comprehensive feed with a lot of information on the place you’re planning to visit.

Thanks, Declan.