An Ink Price War Looms

By Deane Barker on February 6, 2007

Kodak plans to sell inkjet printers with cheaper ink: This could be the start of something good.

Kodak’s ink will sell for about $25 when the printers hit stores in March. That’s far less than the $60 to $80 it typically costs for replacement ink for photo printers.

[…] Manufacturers can make as much as 75% profit on the sale of ink cartridges, says Jim Forrest, an analyst at Lyra Research. Printer ink is a $32 billion market worldwide, he says.

[…] Inkjet manufacturers have never lowered their prices or engaged in a price war, Forrest says. But that could happen if Kodak’s printers take off.

I still remember that my first color printer was $370, and the ink was $11. Then one day someone at HP got smart, because next thing I knew, the printer I bought was $170 and the ink was $33.



  1. Harland Williams has the best solution for this. He said he straps a cartridge to a squids rear, then sneaks up on it and scares it :)

  2. Hey Good news Ink just got even cheaper ? Check out – Kodak is launching a new printer where the ink is significantly cheaper – only $10 for Black and $15 for color ink. Would love it if you blogged about it to your readers.

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