The Evilness of PDFs

By Deane Barker on February 5, 2007

PDFs are Evil, Lazy, Slothful and Sinful: Nice rant here, and a pretty good point. PDFs should be for stuff that is meant to be printed or be otherwise portable. If not, then it goes in HTML.

The Web is not print. What may work exceptionally well in print may fail miserably on the Web. Print marketing material is designed to get attention. It is written with the intention that the customer will read it in some external environment. Therefore, it often contains contextual and background information on the organization.

If someone comes to your website it means that you have already got their attention. Your print brochure, or whatever other form of marketing you used, has worked. The worst thing you can do now is keep using tactics for getting the attention of someone whose attention you already have.



  1. Amen and Amen. Much as I love pdf’s for print, they are nothing but a pain in the arse when I find them on a website. In many cases they contain nothing but text anyway; the bozos that stick them up are just too lazy to format the code the html properly.

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