Living Beneath the Seas

By Deane Barker on February 2, 2007

Ocean living: From Hydropolis to Trilobis: Sigh. I want to live underwater. I bet Joe wants me to as well. Some days more than others.

Anyway, a good article here about several different projects involving Atlantis-like coolness.

[…] we tend to forget about the seas below and another once-popular 21st century prediction: that one day we’ll be living on and under the oceans.

The idea isn’t so far-fetched. As Earth gets increasingly crowded and polluted, some 225 million square miles of prime real estate representing 71 percent of the planet’s surface is largely unused. It’s remarkable considering the oceans promise plenty of living space, fresh seafood, entertainment, and desalinized water. Surely, technology can make this happen.

Turns out, it can and it soon will — if not quite the way we first imagined. But before diving into what the near future holds, let’s resurface what the distant past once promised.

We’ve talked about a lot of these before, particularly Hydropolis.

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