More PS3 Sucking News

By Deane Barker on January 31, 2007

Hobbled by Disappointing Sales and a Loss at the Game Unit, Sony’s Profit Drops 5%: I don’t know why, but I just really enjoy bashing the PS3 for some reason.

The dip in Sony’s quarterly earnings released early Tuesday underscores what many analysts call the biggest single challenge now facing the recovering Japanese electronics conglomerate: the shaky start of its long-awaited PlayStation 3 game console.

[…] Analysts, however, said the weak results reflected more fundamental problems with the new console — a high price tag and a complexity that is scaring away all but die-hard game fans.

I think I just love the fact that the Wii is kicking butt with its “less is more” philosophy. It’s the underdog in me.

I am really enjoying this.



  1. I share your joy (and not happily as I’m a PS1/PS2 owner). But Sony started chasing the polygon count and hardware crackpipe that the PC went down years ago.

    The best things that have happened on the PS platform in the last 3 years are Guitar Hero and Katamari Damacy. Sony forgot that GAMEPLAY is the reason people buy GAMES.

    Polygon counts are for hard core GAMERZ and not normal people who just want to have some fun – it’s the video game equivalent of the big, stupid summer blockbuster action movie that is all CGI and no story, no heart.

  2. Sony is selling PS3 at a loss; base unit retail prices are $499 and $599, while production costs are estimated at $805 and $840. The more money Sony loses on PS3 sales, the BETTER they are doing.

    The big discount is driven by two factors. First, it is relatively standard to sell new gaming consoles at a loss (many analysts estimate that Microsoft’s initial retail price for the X-box 360 was 20% below cost) and make it up on game sales. Razors and printers operate on the same business model.

    Probably more important to Sony than the games is Blu-Ray. The PS3 is much cheaper than other Blu-Ray players on the market (Best Buy online lists three at $799, $999, and $1,199), and should expand that market. It gives Blu-Ray a huge advantage over HD-DVD, and that is what Sony is really after.

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