Vista Launches Today

By Deane Barker on January 30, 2007

Microsoft gets Vista launch off the ground: My prediction is that the world will let out a big, collective yawn over this.

The biggest, and broadest, product launch in Microsoft’s 32-year history started Tuesday.

And the near-term success of the world’s largest software maker will greatly be determined on how well Windows Vista, its latest operating system, and Office 2007, a suite of productivity programs, sell.

I manage about 30 Windows workstations total, and upgrading to Vista isn’t even remotely on my radar. The only thought I’ve given to it is to make sure new machines we buy are fast enough to run it someday.



  1. The Biggest and Broadest?

    I worked at Best Buy when Windows 95 came out. That was pretty damned big and pretty damned broad.

    I haven’t heard near the buzz about Vista that I did about 95.


    P.S. – that was 12 years ago. Wow.

  2. There was a short blurb on the news about the Vista release just now; they’re talking about the gee-whiz new interface. On the screen there was stock video of someone using the OS X Dock.

    It is to laugh.

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