The Wii is Kicking Butt

By Deane Barker on January 25, 2007

Wii helps Nintendo year-end profits soar: As we mentioned before, the Wii is destroying the PS3 in the market, if not in frame rate.

Booming year-end sales of the wand-wielding Wii game console sent profit at Nintendo soaring 43% for the nine months ended December, the Japanese manufacturer of Pokemon and Super Mario games said Thursday.

[…] The company said it had met its target of 4 million units shipped by the end of 2006 as that number had been manufactured and were still getting distributed, according to spokesman Yasuhiro Minagawa.

He said Nintendo was well on its way to reach its target of global shipment for 6 million Wii machines by March 31, the end of the current fiscal year, and will have manufactured 7 million Wii machines in fiscal 2006.

It takes me back to my post about advances in gaming machines from 2005:

So what this means is that the entire…point, of making a new system is graphics, graphics, graphics. Think about it, when the ads tout “better games,” what do they mean? More mentally challenging? More thought-provoking? More…what? No, they mean “better graphics.” It’s the be-all and end-all of systems these days.

This was wrong. Nintendo didn’t win with better graphics, they won with some pretty innovative interface work (and a lower price).

Good for them.

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  1. Any talk of winning seems a little premature to me right now. I don’t think we’ll see Satoru Iwata standing in front of a Mission Accomplished banner quite yet. Your point is wholly valid, though, Nintendo has jumped ahead in the beginning, and it’s not because of graphics at all. From having a derided console name, an odd controller, and crappier hardware, they’ve managed to pull ahead to an early lead. It’s pretty amazing.

    And I still haven’t been able to get one!

  2. I like the sound of the Wii, very much I do but my favorite at the moment’s the Xbox 360. I don’t admit to having played with either but the Xbox does appear to have the superior games and I’ve heard good things about its online side which I’m really excited about. As for the Playstation 3, I fail to see where that comes into the picture. At the price they’re talking and it was ?425 last I heard you expect something great yet all I’ve heard is talk that its graphics are superior. Now the graphics of both the 360 and the Wii are pretty damn good from what I’ve seen so I wouldn’t shell out too much extra just for better graphics, with the difference being marginal if what I’ve heard is to be believed.

    The Xbox has better games than the Playstation, its online side is supposedly better and it’s backing HD DVD which from what I’ve heard is the DVD format that will come out on top. I just don’t see how the Playstation justifies such a large price tag and that will surely be its downfall for even if they were equally priced, I reckon I’d go with the 360.

  3. I’ve said it before but…

    This just proves that a good innovative idea beats spending large chunks of money on hardware that does the same old tired thing only faster and a bit prettier any old day :-) The Virtual Console is another superb idea that is a very good sales point for the Nintendo Wii.

    Go Nintendo go!

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