The Microsoft Expression Suite

By Deane Barker on January 23, 2007

Microsoft Expression: I knew this was coming, but I just stumbled on the site this morning. This is the replacement for FrontPage, and the supposed competitor to Dreamweaver.

Expression Web is a professional design tool to create modern, standards-based sites which deliver superior quality on the Web.

Expression Blend is the professional design tool to create engaging, Web-connected, user experiences for Windows.

Expression Design is a professional illustration and graphic design tool that lets you build compelling elements for both Web and desktop application user interfaces.

Expression Media is a professional asset management tool to visually catalog and organize all your digital assets for effortless retrieval and presentation.

Via MetaFilter.

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  1. It is true that Dreamweaver is very weak in the .NET area. But these “Expression” products would have to be extremely compelling in so many other ways before a large population of Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop users bought into the MS products (which are probably not cheap).

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