IBM and Second Life

By Deane Barker on January 22, 2007

Why tech leaders think Second Life could be a gold mine.: This is an interesting article on Second Life, which I think is the next YouTube in terms of its effect on the Internet. Really, really big things are going to happen with this.

By early January more than 3,000 IBM employees had acquired their own avatars, and about 300 were routinely conducting company business inside Second Life.

“The 3-D Internet may at first appear to be eye candy,” Palmisano writes in an e-mail interview, “but don’t get hung up on how frivolous some of its initial uses may seem.” He calls 3-D realms such as Second Life the “next phase of the Internet’s evolution” and says they may have “the same level of impact” as the first Web explosion.

Later in the article, they list some SL investors: Mitch Kapor, Pierre Omidyar, Jeff Bezos, and Ray Ozzie.