Shawn Hornbeck Posted to his Parents’ Web Site

By Deane Barker on January 20, 2007

Report: Shawn told police in 2003 about stolen bike: Man, this is just spooky.

On Friday, Shawn’s stepfather, Craig Akers, said he was haunted by having dismissed a series of messages Shawn apparently posted on a Web site his parents had created in their search for him. “How long are you planning to look for your son?” read one of the messages, signed “Shawn Devlin.”

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined it was my son who had done that,” Akers said, adding that he had assumed the messages were like many others sent by people who falsely claimed to be Shawn or know where he was.



  1. i guess it gos to show us never take the little things for granted , welcome home shawn ,im so happy for you and your family , there is a few good people out there an we share your tears of joy, the best to you all.

  2. Welcome home Shawn. Those of you who do not understand why Shawn did not tell the police please read the Steven Stayner story. Steven explains to us what happens to a child in captivity and why they do not tell.
    Before his death he explained to us what happens to a kid in this situation. There is a web page in his name and a Time article. You will understand after reading what he says.

  3. Yay!

    welcome home shawn!

    ( should’ve said that a long time ago)


    Will always pray for u

    (big smile)

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