By Deane Barker on January 17, 2007

T9onym: This strikes me as insanely dorky.

A T9onym is a word that shows up on mobile phones that have T9 text entry that is equivalent through T9 to other words. T9onyms appear by pressing number keys while in T9 mode. For example, Bus and Cup are T9onyms.

Indirectly via Kottke.



  1. A related phenomena is caused by the BlackBerry 7100 and Pearl device’s SureType technology. A full qwerty keyboard is squished down to 5 keys accross by placing two letters on each key and relying on predictive text to guess at what you mean.

    My favorite example: umpire and impure both use the same keystrokes. And each time I type “umpire” the BlackBerry insists that I mean “impure.”

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