By Deane Barker on January 16, 2007

Over four years ago, I came up with an idea: a home intranet. I said this:

Do you think there would ever be a market for home intranet software? There’s so much to keep track of within my own family — people we know, appointments, lists for every such thing, etc. If intranets handle business management, why couldn’t they be adapted to a family?

I’m happy to report that someone has actually done this. I knew that Matt and Brian were working on MyHomepoint, but I thought it was just a calendar. It’s not, and the net result is exactly the “home intranet” I was talking about four years ago.

There’s a calendar of course, but there are also tasks, contacts, lists, a home inventory, etc. The entire concept is wrapped around the members of your family, even the pets.

The lists thing would come in handy for me. So many times, I think there’s stuff I need to write down somewhere so my wife and I will be able to find it someday.

Last week it was paint color codes — I was throwing away a bunch of old paint cans that we used to paint the inside of our house seven years ago. I kept thinking that I should write down the color codes so I have them handy if I ever have to repaint anything. I did, but they’re just on a piece of paper hanging on the fridge, and that ain’t going to last long.

(I actually tried a wiki to manage this stuff once. I can’t remember what happened to that, which just goes to prove that I shouldn’t trust my wasteland of a computer with anything.)

While a family intranet is a neat concept, I’m sitting here and wondering what separates this from a standard intranet app? I like the idea of the family metaphor, but I hope these guys made the family part of it extractable, because it would be a heck or a little intranet on its own, frankly.

Already use a calendar? That’s cool — MyHomepoint has iCal integration. You can give it a URL and it will import. I couldn’t figure out how to schedule this, which would be handy.

Here’s something else I’d like to see — a log. This would be kind of like a blog, and a lot like their lists/notes system, but in chronological format. For instance, we’re involved in a situation with our insurance company right now that involves a lot of phone calls and legwork. It’d be nice to have a place to track all this, so that when Annie or I call someone, or someone calls us, we have a spot to log what was said and when. It could be a little running record of the massive pain in the rear this situation has been.

All that’s really left here is for me to sue these guys for taking my idea. (Go ahead, laugh, but remember that Microsoft dropped Bob for good reason — my high-powered lawyers, yo.)

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  1. Hi Deane! Thanks for the kudos. You’ve got a lot of good ideas and it is exactly that type of functionality that we are going after. We definitely want to get to the “log” functionality and have discussed it often in terms of “project” or “tagging” but the insurance PITA is something we have both dealt with and want to come up with a good way to track. In the near future we hope to replace our current UI with lots of AJAX goodness so keep an eye out for that.

  2. Some thoughts-

    I’ve tried to cram google calendar to fit my needs with no luck. Sharing calendars is a pain.

    In my case I’m divorced but still talk and coordinate daily with my wife in regards to our son. All the details of school work library books, “can you watch him tonight” etc are all done via email and make a heck of time for planning, so this will be nice.

    I look forward to playing around with this.

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