Mailinator: Anonymous Email

By Deane Barker on July 23, 2003

Mailinator: Totally anonymous email. Pick an email address at random ( and email will go there. No sign up, no nothing. Just enter the email address you picked on the front page of the site, and you can see what’s there. After about three hours, the email evaporates. There’s no password, just pick a random-enough email address. Brilliant.



  1. I actually used this today on some site that wanted my email to send me something or other. Is like have a handy “spammable” email address.

  2. Neat idea. I followed one of the links on their site to , which reviews the effectiveness of different anti-spam tools. Interesting stuff. The Search & Compare section is especially useful, and the news items on the main page are good. Like “Wealthy Folks Find Spam More Annoying?”

  3. Oops. Should’ve hit Preview before Post, or at least left off the brackets.

    The url is

  4. Wish you were single, I would snatch you up in a milisecond!

    And had I not swore off all female companionship I would jump at a chance to accompany yourself to various gatherings, social engagements, …

    BTW: I owe my celibate lifestyle to lap swimming. Six days a week for 40 minutes and biological urges can be reduced to zero. And that’s worked for me for 10 years. (Feel free to use that information in your next article to a professional journal).

  5. I am using always the fake email address service from . It is the same idea as Mailinator but with additional forward and delete functions.

    In my case I use for all forum signups. I also check it once a while (emails stay for a week) As soon my account get too much of spam I move on to another address.

    I use daily. Its even faster than a web based login at Hotmail.

    You even can make a shorcut bookmark like:

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