Over Halfway There

By Deane Barker on January 8, 2007

You will bow before me, Gmail. Oh yes, I will conquer you.



  1. What on earth are you guys sending people? I’ve had mine for almost two years and I’m at 12%. I’m probably among the minority that still purges old emails out of habit though…

  2. You are currently using 1998 MB (71%) of your 2803 MB.

    And let me assure you my mail is 100 % spam clean..i clean it regularly

  3. Geez; mine looks pathetic compared to all of you;

    You are currently using 36 MB (1%) of your 2803 MB.

    Makes one wonder how many users there are, whether they really have that much storage allotted for each account, and whether there is enough of a return from the ads to pay for all that storage. I rarely ever look at the ads, and can’t say I have ever clicked one.

  4. I think Gmail works like a credit system in banks. The checkbooks of every banking account says they have a certain amount of balance on a particular date, but~~ if everyone demands to close their account, the bank would be in trouble because they won’t be able to provide all customers with their full balance. (According to How Stuff Works, banks are entitled to loan or invest 90% of your account dollars).

    Likewise, Gmail probably doesn’t enough space to allow all of its users to approach 100% storage capacity at the same rate.

    Has anyone noticed that the Gmail space counter has stopped counting?

  5. It isn’t the emails that fill up my gmail account, it’s the attachments. I now use my gmail account for all my work as a professor and scientist, and it is all the ppt and pdf files that people send me (and I send them) that fills up my account. Is there any way in gmail to off load an attachment but keep the email?

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