Your First Web Site?

By Deane Barker on January 3, 2007

Wayback challenge: When was your first site?: Great idea. I’m putting some thought into what my first one was…and drawing a blank.

I’d like to challenge anyone who has designed a web page to find the oldest site in the archive that they authored and post the Wayback Machine link in the comment section of this post.

[…] The above site actually originated in March 1996, but this 1997 image is the earliest I could find in the archive. […] Back in 1996 I used an HPUX system, a text editor, as well as the Mosaic browser and a beta version of Netscape to design the site. By 1997, I had use of Microsoft’s Frontpage to design and manage the site.



  1. Sad what happens to the memory as you get old, eh? :)

    The first site I did was behind the firewall. It was an intranet site in early 1995. Then a couple of early public sites I did aren’t in the archive. The oldest wayback link I can find is for December 1996 for World Drug Store.

    The first page on my domain that’s in the archive is from May 2000.

    The first page on that domain was from late 1999, but isn’t in the archive. I registered the domain in July 1999 so my family and I could have email addresses of the format [firstname]

    In late 1999 I decided to put up a simple placeholder page with my name and contact information on it. In March 2000 I turned it into a blog.

  2. Quite by chance I posted a similar challenge on my blog earlier today. In my case, I also focused upon comments in forums and news groups in addition to web pages … August 2, 1994 for me. Click upon my name to see the posting. Amazingly, I was commenting about the high price of a technical course, “Strategic Business Use of the Internet”!

  3. Thanks for another plug back to my site!

    I don’t draw blanks on the sites, but the actual URL for a site is a different story. It’s amazing how so many sites may have changed their address over the years as they evolved/devolved over the years.

    I also can remember there were some very amazingly long e-mail addresses back then too. Most of them from propriety services or BBS that hopped onto the Internet as an after thought…


  4. Hmm…I just dug through that Archive thing, only to find out that the original server is still hosting it anyway.

    Shows a last update made in 1998 sometime…gotta love frames, and Notepad for HTML scripting, etc.

  5. My first website was back in 2002, i was only 10. I got a copy of dreamweaver from the library in some book that showed u how to create a website. At the time i felt realy, realy happy that i had accomplished something i thought only the professionals could do. I later realised that this was not the case, nd i realised how bad my site actually was lol. :(

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