Wikipedia Fundraising: Then and Now

By Deane Barker on December 29, 2006

Wikipedia Needs $20,000: Here’s some interesting perspective on the evolution of Wikipedia. Three years ago today, they were in a panic because they needed $20,000 to buy some new hardware.

Today, they just happen to be in a middle of another fund raising drive. As of this writing, they have $742,000+ (it goes up every time I look at it), and all of their hardware has been donated by Yahoo.

Progress is good.

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  1. Wow… Wikipedia, Google, and Skype has proven to be indispensible on the internet. One only wonders what the next Internet miracle will be…. :-)

  2. A correction: their hardware has not all been donated by Yahoo; they donated a few servers a while back but almost all of the hardware used to run Wikimedia projects has been paid for by donations. The Foundation spends several hundred thousand dollars per year purchasing hardware. It also loses a few hundred thousand dollars in assets due to depreciation of hardware in the same time period. Virtually all of the money donated in the past has been spent on hardware, maintenance contracts etc.

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