Content Gets No Respect

By Deane Barker on December 14, 2006

IT $480,000: Content $5,000: Interesting post that speaks the truth. Content doesn’t get 1% of the attention it should. I’d take nothing but Mediawiki and great content over a half-million dollar CMS and pure drivel any day.

Typically, apart from the audit, Telepop excludes content from the funding loop. Sure, writers will be trained to use the publishing tool, but that’s IT training. Telepop assumes everyone can already write good content. They organise a 1-day workshop on writing for the intranet for the web management team (16 people), and consider the job done and dusted.

Initial training for 20 content editors: $5,000

I discussed this exact same thing here:

Too many times I see Web sites being put together with no thought for the content that’s going to go in them. At the initial meeting, there are designers and programmers and project managers, but rarely do you find a writer. We’re so concerned with building the swimming pool that we often forget the water.

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