VB.Net vs. C#

By Deane Barker on December 5, 2006

Visual Basic Use Eroding, APAC Devs Gaining: The level of decline for VB.Net here surprises me a little. I’m not surprised to see VB6 go down, but there seems to be a marked shift to C# over VB.Net.

This years’ results show a “dramatic erosion” of support for Visual Basic and VB.NET. The study shows a drop off 35% for Visual Basic 6 and previous versions. And worse for Microsoft a measured decline of 26% for VB.NET. The most popular language according to the study is Java at 45% of the 430 developers surveyed, C/C++ at 40% and C# at 32%.

I didn’t know this many people needed to overload operators.



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