Wii Have a Problem

By Deane Barker on November 30, 2006

Wii Have A Problem…: I don’t have a Wii, though this blog gave me a laugh this morning. Great name.

“Wii have a problem” is a blog focused on bringing you the latest trend in gaming violence. That of damaged electronic loved ones caused from Wii related activities. Why? Because we’re fanboys that’s why.

You see, the Wii has brought kinetics into home video gaming, sometimes with less than spectacular results:

We were playing Wii and drinking at a friend’s house whose parents were out of town. My friend wanted to play. She is a s**tty drunk. Only after one drink. Swung the controller in home run derby… lost grip. Strap broke. TV cracked. Remote still works…. I’m impressed

Thanks Chris.



  1. Thought you might enjoy that.

    Seems to me the root of the problem is everyone’s insistance on buying flat-panel LCD’s these days. If people still had the good ol’ glass CRT’s there wouldn’t be an issue. No way you’re putting a little 8 oz. plastic remote through one of those.

  2. Wii Freeze: Of another nature is the power loss on some new systems. After just four hours of play, our new Wii lost all power to the console. Unplugging the power supply as recommended, waiting a few minutes, then replugging, did restore the red LED light on the console, but on pressing the ON button or the Eject button, all power is lost again. Changing the console position from horizontal to vertical makes no difference. Nintendo Customer Service said the console was faulty and sent us a UPS mailing sticker for free shipment to their East Syracuse, NY Repair Center.
    Later, we learned of a Wii exchange program that was not offered to us. Either way, the long night’s wait in line has lead to more frustrations, it’s a Wii tease. Nintendo can do better.

  3. It seems ironic how the most innovative, creative, and obviously had the most work put into it out of the three systems is having the most problems. However, it would probably a perfectly fine system if the morons mentioned in “Wii Have a Problem” blong, which is very entertaining, knew how to handle the equipment properly. If I had the cash, I would definitly purchase the Wii, not only because I’m a relatively hardcore nintendo fan, but to spite many of the 360 players.

  4. i have heard lots of bad comments but i think that yes the straps are bad but technology has to press on and lcds and wireless are some of the many advantages of technology

  5. I’ve had my Wii for only two weeks now and when i turn it off the light on the system turns yellow…makes sense…then when i come back to play again hours later, theres no light. so i press the power button on the Wii, the eject button, i press power on the Wii-mote…nothing. Each time i want to turn it back on i have to unplug and re-plug it in. BUT unplugging it from the wall doesn’t do it…i actually have to unplug the power form the system itself before it will work again, this is very annoying! is anyone having the same problem?

  6. Me and some friends were playing boxing on the Wii and we realised that it is so much better if two people control one person- so one person controls one glove and another one controls another. The games last longer and are closer and it makes things like dodging much more difficult

  7. i have been playing Madden for the wii and every 10 seconds it tells me it has lost comunications with the Wii controlar no matter how close or far away i move.Can any one help me?

  8. so anoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can some one tel me why won’t my new $250 gaming system work!?

  9. the wii is absolutely amazing.and anyone who has a problem from any “violence” has deeper problems than just that, see a physcoligist.

  10. “i have been playing Madden for the wii and every 10 seconds it tells me it has lost comunications with the Wii controlar no matter how close or far away i move.Can any one help me?”

    change the batteries in the wiimote

  11. I’m the baddest motherfucker of all town, one of the best singers and one of the best looking motherfuckers you’ve ever seen!, hold my drink bitch!

  12. wen i woz playing on my wii the control came out ov my hand and hitt me in my extreamly small willy.

  13. i was playing on my wii and it stared to vibrate i thought to my self i will put it up my vagina as it began 2 tickle the wire connecting it together snapped and it become stuck in my vaginal area. so i think u shud make the wire stronger

  14. I hava a wii and yes i have that problem where the light turns yelow after u turn it off… its been doing that for weeks but its never turned it off it just stays yelow until i turn it back on at first i thought the red light was coming on and the green didnt go off so they just mixed but i dono.

  15. my wii remote will not work. I will turn on the wii and when i push a button on the wii my LED lights flash on and off and stay off. The controllers have a problem can anyone tell me whats wrong

  16. To answer a lot of questions: controller Sync troubles: try taking the batteries out and putting them back in. If that doesn’t work, have you tried the sync button on the controller in the battery area and the sync button on the front of the console? That should help the Wii register your remote.
    As for the yellow light, that’s not a problem. That just means it’s on standby. The wii only shuts off if you either A) pull the plug or B) hold it longer and force a hard shutdown. The reason why it goes on standby is for use of WiiConnect24 where the Wii will connect to the internet if you have it set to connect to a wireless router. Doing such will allow the console to automatically update the system.
    If you want to check how much battery power a remote has left, hit the home button on the console, then click on the controller image in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. This will also allow you to toggle rumble, controller speaker volume, and to reconnect all the remotes that you have on at the same time (i.e. if you no longer want to be first player or something).
    Also, to address the power problems the console sometimes encounters. Go to nintendo.com and check the trouble shooting tips. Chances are that there’s an accessory that’s messing up your console. The site has very specific instructions on how to check to see which accessory is causing the problem if any.

    Hope that cleared up some issues.

  17. Looopy i have the same problem with my remote too. Turned the wii on and the wii remotes blue light flash on and off and remain off. Tried synching but it aint having it. It was working fine yesterday. Removing batteries did nothing. Gonna ring up the store i got it and get it swapped. My other remote is working fine.

  18. If the blue lcd light is flashing on the wi remote and it doesnt work. Change the battery’s. This solved my problem. Even though i knew my battery’s had 3 bars left they still had to be changed.

  19. I have a problem, my firts player controller broke. Now I don’t know how I am supposed to set up my second controller to be the first, because the second controller can’t do anything untill it is fist controller

  20. I have a problem, my firts player controller broke. Now I don’t know how I am supposed to set up my second controller to be the first, because the second controller can’t do anything untill it is fist controller

  21. i have a problem…and its not a vary nice 1…well when i turn on my wii it will only stay on for about 30 min be 4 it will competly turn off..the light disarpers the only way could get it to work again is to un plug the power, and to plug it rigth back in but it will turn right back off the same why i said be 4…it is over heating so i think its the fan on the back of the wii..any way i can fix it or 2 figure out whats wrong?


  23. my wii is out of warranty after 2 frikin yrs now i try to connect 2 wifi and i cant and 2 fix it i pay 75 bucks plus tax wtf

  24. Same power problems. The console was working fine…then you go back to play the Wii and you can’t get thepower to come back 0on. I’m going to call Nintendo tomorrow. (unplugged from everything, then reconnected…worked for a month and now ssaome problem.

  25. I have a Wii plugged into my tv. When I turn it on, I can get a few minutes of “playtime” before it turns off. How can I fix this?

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