The American Dictators of Windows

By Deane Barker on November 29, 2006

So, the president of Iran wrote a letter to the American people today on his blog. I never finished the letter, but the best part is this comment from a reader:

Mr President – it will be great if you can tell the person whos maintaining this website not to use ASPx (Windows Technologies – American dictators) There are far better Open Source projects PHP etc

Is it just me, or is that hysterical? This is a guy writing the president of Iran, remember.

At least he didn’t want tech support, like this American commenter:

However, I have noticed that when I try to add a comment to your posts, commenting is configured only for speakers of Farsi – that is to say, the text goes from right to left and there are no English directions. Will you be adding a feature which will allow English speakers to easily comment directly to your posts?

In all of this, I’m ignoring how cool it is for the president of a country to have a blog, but that’s a different post entirely.



  1. Just to put slightly more perspective on it, the office of the President of Iran (Ahmadinejad) is not the equivalent in stature of the President of the United States and other countries. In Iran, the President is the third or fourth most powerful political office (the Supreme Leader is the most powerful), and is not the commander of the military as in the US. Ahmadinejad as President is roughly equivalent in stature to the US Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

    I say this because the US media tends to harp on every word Ahmadinejad says, when his main job is not leading the country of Iran, but rather to fan the flames of controversy in the world media for the benefit of Iranian nationalism.

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