Hosting Control Panels

By Deane Barker on November 29, 2006

You know what sucks by-and-large? Web hosting control panels. I’ve seen some horrific ones in the past, and they never seem to get improved.

I have one hosting company I deal with that has the worst control panel I’ve ever seen, and it never changes. It’s been the same control panel for five years now. It’s atrocious.

Plesk does a nice job, I think. I used the old version, and it wasn’t much t look at, but it worked well. The new “Reloaded” ones are really nice.

I’m on this subject because I just got a look at Media Temple’s new control panel for their grid servers. Man, that looks nice. It makes me want to host something there, just to use the control panel.



  1. Cpanel is truly the worst UI for hosting I’ve ever had to use, and it’s nearly a standard in the unix shared hosting environment. It’s like there’s been 2 dozen different functions shoved into 1 panel and had green paint thrown at them. I just don’t know why hosting companies are so addicted to using it?

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