Nice WordPress Rant

By Deane Barker on November 24, 2006

WordPress’s idea of SQL injection security: addslashes: I found this post while I was in the middle of wrestling with this, exact problem and it was driving me nuts, so I’m sympathetic to this guy’s plight. And he puts it so well.

I’ve decided to launch a whole new category here on I’m calling it Crappy Code. Whenever I come across a really crappy piece of code in an open source application, I’ll write a cantankerous, insult-laden post all about how crappy it is and then, when applicable, I’ll offer up a suggestion for improving said code.

[…] If I had to list all the things I hate about WordPress, I’d probably kill myself instead. But here’s an example of the sorts of things that might be on that list if my suicide attempt were to fail:

[…] Nobody who uses WordPress actually gives a sh*t about how crappy the code is, so it’s insanely popular. Wound: check. Salt: check.

WordPress makes me laugh. It’s so…fun to use; you can get things done really, really quickly; and it’s popular like crazy. But let’s just admit that the WordPress codebase is the stuff of nightmares. Every once in a while, I look at something in there and say…WTF?

WordPress is like that guy you knew in college that was a blast to hang out with, but that did the craziest stuff when he got drunk. You just had to shake your head sometimes, but whenever he called to go to the bar, you never said no.



  1. Holy snide commentary. (Not yours — his. Your comments were humorous.) I enjoy good snarky comments on occasion but he just came across as petty and annoyingly superior. It’s also an old post and the comments point out that this has long been corrected. (So it was claimed. I haven’t verified.) :-)

    Am I being a WordPress apologist? Maybe. I use it and like it a lot. Haven’t dug in to the code that much. One of the nice things about free software of course is that it can be improved on review, and more and more I appreciate constructive feedback rather than sneering put-downs. It’s so much easier to tear something down, though.

    If it has been corrected for as much as a year now, is it fair for you to post as if this is a current issue? (It should be mentioned, at least, even if you still want to rag on the software.)

  2. WordPress code ugly? Just look at what is needed to make a special text formatter (like Markdown) work inside WordPress. Basically, Markdown has to reshape entirely the WordPress text system, a hugly hack if you ask me. Fortunatly, the WordPress is flexible enough for that, but it’s just very badly designed in the first place.

  3. If it has been corrected for as much as a year now, is it fair for you to post as if this is a current issue?

    I don’t know if it’s been corrected or not. It was still a problem for me, which is why I went looking for a solution in the first place.

    WordPress essentially implements their own magic quotes, which sucked when PHP did it.

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