Making WordPress Zippy

By on November 17, 2006

wpcache2.gifOver the last couple of weeks, we’ve had fun working with the gang at Federated Media to put together their Holiday Gadget Guide. Deane’s one of the contributing authors, so I’m sure he’ll post a little more about it later on.

It was a fun little site to put together and our team had a good time, but reality hit hard last night when BoingBoing posted it, traffic poured in, and everything slowed to a crawl. It became obvious that The Long Tail you hear about on blog posts can be connected to a very large dog, and WordPress wasn’t keeping up with demand.

Enter a truly excellent WordPress Plugin, WP-Cache2. WP-Cache2 installs into wordpress, walks you through all of the setup via the admin interface, and provides a friendly, easy-to-use caching system for WordPress. With that, plus a few server tweaks, we were able to get things humming along again in no time. Definitely one for the bookmarks file if you run a WordPress site and ever worry about a SlashDotting.



  1. You could also try Lightpress, a WP plugin that hijacks its frontend, and is used by sites doing >10m pageviews per month. Disclaimer, I am the author of Lightpress. :)

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