A New Face for The Mac Guy

By on November 10, 2006

According to a Radar Online article, Justin Long, the guy who played the Mac in Apple’s hilarious (but infuriating to some) “Get a Mac” commercials, is done.

When the next round of commercials is filmed, John Hodgman will still be the PC guy, but there will be someone else to his left (or will that get changed around?) Or maybe, Hodgeman will play both the Mac and the PC, since Apple hardware can play in both worlds. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

It’s unclear who initiated Long’s departure; according to his publicity rep, he’s too busy being a movie star to bother with commercials. But let’s be honest; what did more to boost Long’s career, the Apple ads or his roles in Dodgeball, Jeepers Creepers, or Galaxy Quest? With all the Mac haters who bristle at Long’s portrayal of the Mac, it could very well be Apple who is cutting him loose. The world may never know.

As for me, I just don’t get why people were so bothered by Long’s portrayal of the Mac. I could go into a long drawn out psychoanalysis of the hatred for the character, but I won’t. I’ll leave that to you and your shrink.

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  1. I always wanted to the see the commercial where the PC looks at his watch and says “Well, have fun with your music and your pictures – I have to go to my JOB now.”

    For the record, I do like Macs – I just think this would be funny.

  2. I think it would be funny if there were like 7 different PC guys,each representing the many different linuxes,BSB,UNIX,Solaris,Windows,ReactOS,etc. and then just gang up on the Mac.

    another one would be great if they all played quake agianst the mac.

  3. That’s too bad. I liked these Mac commercials. The Mac commercials that I DON’T like are the ones that use those terrible songs that get stuck in my head and make me crazy! Apple needs to put it’s creative hat on and create a new kind of commercial. Something that mixes up the format. Something that modernizes advertising for the advertising industry. Something that entertains us and PUZZLES us. Something that makes us think. Something that makes us feel smart.

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