Dice Ad Error

By Deane Barker on November 9, 2006

We’ve talked about Dice’s cool ads before, but in this one, I found two syntax errors (assuming this is classic ASP and not ASP.Net — is that a fair assumption?). Anyone else see them?

[See the comments. I was totally wrong.]

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  1. I’m not an ASP programmer, nor do I call myself a programmer at all.

    I see that ‘ Go to … is not close ‘
    Making the assumption that a ‘ will create a comment.

    Also, the End If is usually EndIf in most languages, since End is typically a reserved word

  2. If mySalary, goodSalary and suckitup() are defined, this would not generate an error. The syntax looks good to me.


  3. I don’t really know ASP but possible problems (assuming that there are two problems) could be: 1.If ASP does not allow parentheses inside the If statement 2.If ASP does not allow empty parentheses when calling a function/procedure that has no parameters

  4. Here was my original thought.

    1. You don’t put parans around the test in an If…Then in ASP.

    2. The “suck_it_up()” code is a problem. Since they’re not assigning a return value, this is a subroutine, not a function. There’s a difference in ASP. In ASP, you (inexplicably and stupidly) cannot use parans when passing arguments to a sub.

    But, here’s the thing. I wrote this code and executed it…and it worked. Apparently you can put parans around a test, and for some reason I can’t get it to throw the “You cannot uses parantheses…” error.

    I suck, totally.

  5. Deane, admitting that you suck make you suck less :)

    Dudes, if you don’t know ASP, why bother trying to spot syntax errors? If you don’t know the syntax…

  6. Well, anon, it’s the challenge combined with the fact that ASP isn’t a complete mystery. Most of these programming languages follow certain syntax rules, even between languages. And there’s a large difference between “don’t know ASP” and “never saw ASP or any language remotely similar to it”.

    You would notice that I actually hit almost head-on the two things Deane thought of. They were both mistakes as it turned out, but the same mistakes, so I don’t suck any more than he does. ;-) And the other guesses weren’t particularly wild as well.

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