Turbine Jetpack

By Deane Barker on November 1, 2006

Monocopter: There is really a much quicker way to accomplish what he’s apparently looking to do. It involves putting a pistol against your temple and pulling trigger.

Andreas is designing and building a turbine-powered personal flying suit. In principle this is going to be similar to the well-known “Bell Rocket Belt”, the difference is the power plant and controlling of the unit. While the “Rocket Belt”, originating form the late fifties / early sixties, used two monopropellant liquid fuelled rocket engines (peroxide motors), Andreas decided to go for a gas turbine, driving a huge fan to achieve a high mass flow of air.

Wasn’t this thing one of the deathtraps in Saw? Via Wired.



  1. yeah i yhink your right; good idea in theory, but i dont fancy getin my head hacked off or my butt singed

  2. Fuel? Weight? Noise? Vibration.

    Not a chance. Turbines are dangerous at the best of times but putting a fanset like that on your back and turning it on is probably suicide.

    Putting a few small model aircraft turbines together is probably better, but still stupid…

  3. googalize the “loitering attack missile” or something to that effect, it is called LAM….. read/check out it’s engine.. the makers are called http://www.tdi-engines.com/ Reconsider wearing a mulchamatic blade, please. I wanna fly, too, but I don’t wanna become human puree.

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