Here’s Your Flying Car!

By on October 13, 2006

A while back, Deane asked the question that’s on a lot of minds; <a href=”/post/3421″”>“Where’s my flying car?” Well, Moller built one — just one — and now it’s up for bids on eBay.

Own the one and only prototype of the Moller M400 Skycar. This test vehicle has flown repeatedly and demonstrated its hover capabilities in over a dozen flights at the Moller International facilities in Davis, California. It is our intent to offer it for sale by auction on eBay to raise capital for the Company.

This is the real deal. Bidding is up to a cool US $2 million so far, with five days to go. The auction visitor counter shows over 60,000 visitors, and over 100 questions, with real responses from the seller. Fun & fascinating reading.

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  1. The Skycar made an appearance in the Clive Cussler book Atlantis Found.

    This also isn’t the first time that Moller has sold this (or tried to) via eBay. The company web site contains a 2003 press release in which they describe the planned eBay auction of the M400 prototype for $2 million.

    The company’s in Davis, CA, about a 20 minute drive (or 5 minutes by skycar) from where I live.

  2. I wonder if this means Moller has finally given up. He’s been trying to make this car thing work for at least a couple decades now. As I understand it, he’s obssessive in the extreme about it.

    Here’s the Wikipedia page about it. Here’s Moller’s page which explains how he got the money to do this for so long: he created the Supertrapp muffler company in 1972 and sold it in 1988.

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