Another Run at Web Appliances

By Deane Barker on July 22, 2003

Lindows WebStation: Lindows is taking another stab at the Web appliance market: $169.

The lowest priced Internet-enabled computer ever! The Lindows WebStation is the first ultra-affordable, ‘unbreakable’ computer designed specifically for Web work.

You may think “unbreakable” is a pretty strong word, but it runs Linux off a CD, which has no write capability, so it’s not like it can catch a virus or anything.

I remember, years ago, playing with one of the first Internet appliances: an EyeOpener. Neat little gadget, all-in-all, but somewhere along the way Netpliance inexplicably raised its price from $99 to $399, and it had no broadband support. (Speaking of Netpliance, look at their Web site. You know it’s over when your Web server won’t even parse ASP…)



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