Christopher Knight: Geek Millionaire?

By Deane Barker on October 4, 2006

Biography for Christopher Knight: Remember Christopher Knight — Peter Brady from The Brady Bunch? Well, besides marrying Adrianne Curry (no small feat), he has apparently had wild success in the technical industry.

Fully two-thirds of his IMDb biography is devoted to his exploits in Silicon Valley, which are considerable.

In October 1989, Christopher took the responsibility of Vice President of Design System Marketing and Sales at New Image Industry, moving the company into 3D rendering/imaging technologies. […]

In late 1995, Christopher partnered with friend and associate Frank Paniagua, and founded Kidwise Learningware. […]

In February of 1996, he took on the responsibility of Vice President of Sales at Adesso […]

Initially hired in the capacity of Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Christopher was promoted to Vice President of Marketing after only four months. […]

Mid-year 2003, he became more involved on an executive level with an investment that had taken flight and was in need of interim management. Casting Networks Inc. (doing business as LA Casting and SF Casting) is an online (web based) talent exchange.

Etc. The guy apparently made a killing in IT…and then he married a supermodel. I can think of worse ways to end up.



  1. She may not be a supermodel, but she is a super hottie. Google her image, brother. Also, she and Chris got a top stoner award from High Times magazine where he appears sucking on a bong while miss hottie lights it up. So yeah, I envy the guy.

  2. How much is Christopher Knight worth anyway, I’m curious? I saw him on The Wendy Williams show last night, while he was being interviewed, he said that he’s a millionaire. I like Chris, he’s a cool guy I like him a lot, I’m very happry with his succseeful career and his relationship. I hope Chris and Adrianne live happily ever after and are sole mates. I wish him much, much success in his career aswell!

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