Grand Central

By Deane Barker on September 28, 2006

One phone number to rule them all: The bad news is that you can’t hide from anyone anymore.

GrandCentral is a brilliant new web app that lets you consolidate all of your phone numbers into one number, meaning someone can call you on your GrandCentral phone number and all of your phones (cell phone, work phone, home phone) will ring. And then it gets interesting.

If you don’t want every one of your phones ringing each time someone calls your free GrandCentral number, you can set rules by friends, family, work, and others, defining where the calls should be directed.

Related to this, I went to a phone systems vendor the other week for a demo, and I was stunned at the technology in office phone systems. Things that we barely possible in call centers 10 years ago can be had for your 15 person office for a few hundred bucks a month.



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