Payphone Warriors

By Deane Barker on September 24, 2006

Payphone Warriors: This sounds like a fun hacker-esque game played on the streets of New York:

The streets of 2030’s New York remain the only venues not under the thumb of the monolithic corporations. The streets are, as was in times even less bleak than these, the domain of gangs. Manhattan’s three major hacker gangs (the Phone Phreaks, the Jack-point Jockeys, and the Alley Amps) have developed black-market technology that enables them to jack into the phone network though the payphone nodes, and redirect the payment deposited into that phone into their own coffers.

Here’s an article about an actual episode of the game. Sounds like fun.

Each time you claimed a phone by calling the prescribed number and registering your claim, a computerized voice would inform you that your claim was recognized, tell you which phones you controlled and then tell you how many points you had. But several players later said they’d wished that it had also told you what place your team was in.

I wonder what software they have behind this.

Sounds like fun. A little Matrix combined with Escape from New York.



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