Office 12 For Mac

By on September 18, 2006

Sounds like the long expected release of Office 12 for the Mac is well on it’s way through the halls of Redmond’s Mac Business Unit. The thing most potential customers are looking forward to is a version that will run natively on Intel Macs, but it will also have many of the new features slated for Office 2007 for Windows, replete with all of the new eye candy. And don’t forget the bloat; I’m sure it’ll be there in spades.

I’ve probably said it here before, but I’ll say it again; we don’t need no stinkin’ word processor upgrade! I would hazard to guess that 90 percent of all word processor users use it more like a typewriter than anything else, and aren’t even aware of half of the current feature set, much less use it. Sure there are a few things with the current iterations of Excel and Entourage that I’d like to see fixed (or at least lifted to parity with the Winders version of Excel & Outlook), but I sure don’t like the idea of having to spend $200-400 a copy to get what MS should have delivered in the first place. Guess Bill needs a few more bucks to further his latest plans for world conquest, and sees loads of cash in the form of the Mac users that’ll buy this heap.

There. Thanks for letting me vent a little. I feel a bit better now.

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  1. there are a bunch of improvements i’d like to see to wordprocessors:

    i like the idea of styles, i don’t like having to design a framework if i want to use them. i’d like to get rid of the formatting menus, and be able to wysiwig something up that i like, and make that the format. same capabilities, but a more intuitive way of applying them.

    not that i expect that to happen anytime soon – it’s much easier to make people adapt to computers than the other way around.

  2. Ummmmm, then don’t buy it. As the saying goes, if MS releases yet another Word Suite update and no one buys it, will anyone care?? Or should there be something about trees in there.. I can never remember. ;-)

  3. Well I do think that we need Office for Mac and we need it to be in good shape. All apple users who use a mac beyond watching movies and sending email – as a work/fun gadget do need to keyed in into the office for mac release.

    I like to create documents and work on spreadsheets and then collaborate with other people on the same. It is true that Mac is not a dominant platform and it will never be unless there is a abstraction at the application and presentation level which is platform independent.

    So unless office works on mac as well as it does on windows, it reduces the ubiqutious use of mac. I cannot create documents which seamlessly can be used by windows users. I dont want mac to be a gadget which is a supplement to a windows platform but more a substitute in a seamless way.

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