Web-based Image Cropping

By Deane Barker on September 18, 2006

Cropping Images using DHTML (Prototype) and symfony: Here’s a slick little DHTML script (backed with PHP) that lets Web users crop photos.

Flashback to today, for my company… we want users with avatars… but nothing too large. Maybe a nice 80×80 picture. Well the coolest UI I’ve seen was Apple’s Address Book which let you use this slider mechanism to crop a fixed sized image from a larger image.

The guys over at silverorange did the same thing with a little Flash movie. It works well.



  1. I’m using a similar javascript cropper by David Spurr for Kubrickr to crop a Flickr image to a size that can be used in place of the ubiquitous Kubrick blog header image. The javascript uses Prototype and Scriptaculous and sends the coordinates to a PHP back end. The library’s one simple function implements drag handles and supports programmatic constraints for aspect ratios.

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