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By on September 6, 2006

What’s a self-respecting Arab ski bum (or ski bunny) to do when baba takes the keys to the Gulfstream away, and he’s stuck in Dubai for the weekend? He goes skiing in Dubai, of course!

I hadn’t heard about this place until a friend forwarded a message with photos about it, and sure enough, it’s real. I can’t even imagine what it would take to create and maintain a 6,000 ton snow base and an indoor temperature of -1°C to -2°C when the temperature outside is nearing 50°C, but they do it, year-round.

Surprisingly, the cost isn’t terribly high; I priced two adults for a full day pass on my birthday (as if that’s gonna happen!) and it’s only US$75.50. That’s comparable to the same day passes Terry Peak. While Terry Peak isn’t open year round, it’s much, much easier to get to.

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  1. I was talking to a friend this past weekend who lived in Dubai for 4 months. He went skiing here. He said it was cool/bizarre and that the skiing was actually pretty good. Apparently they have to rent everything from gloves and ski suits, to the actual skis & boots.

  2. i’ve been at the place – it’s cool but i am not sure if i’d visit and pay the price again. dont get me wrong, the Ski Dubai facility is awesome, but it main thing is novelty – and once you’ve seen it that motivation disappears.



  3. While Ski Dubai is certainly impressive, consider that there are two indoor ski slopes larger than this!

    Also interesting:

    A second Dubai indoor ski slope is the Dubai Sunny Mountain Ski Dome in Dubailand which is due to open in 2006. It will provide a great attraction, featuring a revolving ski slope, an artificial mountain range, an ice bridge, a cable lift, a snow maze, an ice slide, polar bears cold water-aquaria and special sound and light effects.
  4. That’s very true, yet the thing that’s amazing here is it’s geo location (one of the warmest areas of the world) and the facts taht we are culturaly stunned to see that the Arabs can actualy engage in practice of Skiing in Dubai. The sheer thought about having snow melt in your palm while it’s 120F outside is amazing for most people and that why keep writing about it and visiting the Ski Dubai facility

  5. In case you haven’t noticed, Dave, we are all living on one planet with finite resources. I wonder where your oil is comming from? Your back yard? Are you laughing when your troops come home in body bags having faught for oil? Will you be laughing when prices go sky high, when the growing industrial super powers China and India compete for the ever shrinking reserves? The world population stands at about 6 1/2 billion, and growing fast. It was half that in 1960. Still laughing?

  6. Hey I grew up in Dubai and actually saw them losing their minds and spending their extra money on the wildest creations and I love it when people talk about Dubai.. Ski Dubai was my first and last time in snow so I loved it.. But one thing I know for sure is that it’s not for people living in Alaska, it’s for people like me, people that are from warm countries and are fascinated by snow.. :-)..

  7. Farah, if you read this, I am agreeing with you. It is not about great skiing, rather, it is about the experience. Snow in Dubai! Come on this is great. The entrepreneur that created Ski Dubai is a genius. Reminds me of Howard Schultz, who also created a place for people to go and experience community and escape from the daily bullshit we all live in. Yes Starbucks, there is plenty in Dubai. I give it up to Mohammad Ali Alabbar though, this guy is a genius. Emaar properities is off the hook, really though, Entrepreneurial Managment of Assets for Accelerated Returns, only from Seattle University baby. Peace from the Middle East.

  8. Now it makes sense living in Dubai!! It takes me one minute to book my passes on Ski Dubai and it helps me forget my long working hours. Dubai is no more the eldorado so you have to work pretty hard but at least skiing is now a dream come true!

  9. The link between the construction of a ski slope to global warming, oil depletion, war, and poverty etc is a very thin one at best. Im pretty sure Ski Dubai isnt high up on the list as one of the major causes of world poverty or war. It shouldnt be considered a waste of resources either. Its a wonderful asset to this city and tourist attraction. I believe the ability to experience skiing in a desert climate is a marvel of modern day engineering and a tribute to man’s ability to innovate. Oh and by the way, up yours judy :)

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