Who Needs Excel?

By on August 29, 2006

Deane wrote about Google Calendar a few months ago, but I didn’t pay much heed to it until I downloaded a new version of Google Notifier yesterday. It’s kind of an amazing service. I might actually use it. But what floored me was seeing a little link in the Google Calendar interface for Spreadsheets. A spreadsheet in my web browser; whoda thought?

I did play around with it a bit, and it’s pretty rudimentary; a lot of the list functions aren’t supported, but it will sort data and do formulas in cells, you can import and export .xls and .csv files, your files are stored online so you can access your spreadsheets from anywhere, and you can share the spreadsheets over the web and control who can get to them. It’s got a ways to go before it can match Excel, but it’s still under the Google Labs banner, so give it time to grow I guess.

Makes me wonder what’s next though; a web-based replacement for Access and Word? But thinking about trusting all that to Google makes me just a tad uneasy. Is Google’s internal slogan “All your data are belong to us”?

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  1. Hi, Just though you might like to know that Google is already on the next stage of it’s plan for world domination: the online replacement for word. It’s called Writely, and has been snapped up by the goliath Google and is being rebranded as we speak.


    It has some very cool features as well, including online live collaboration. Beat that, Microsoft!


  2. replacement for access is already around, but google haven’t bought them up yet.

    Actually, seems more usable and functional than access: user friendly, data preserving normalisations for example.


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