PHP on a Mainframe

By Deane Barker on August 21, 2006

PHP Puts Mainframe Developers in Prime Time: PHP is apparently coming to a mainframe near you.

The companies have not announced support for Zend Core for IBM on the z/OS operating system for the z/Series mainframe, but sources said that is the direction IBM is leaning toward.

“Zend and IBM are aware of customer demands for z/OS and they are discussing the options to provide [that] to the market, but no announcement yet,” said a spokesperson for Zend.

However, Duquaine said Grandview [Systems] is working to complete its PHP plug-in for CICS by the next Share conference, which is scheduled to take place in February in Tampa, Fla.



  1. When I wrote the title to this entry, I actually didn’t think of the SOAP reference. It came to me when I read it after publishing, but at least I let it go…

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